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My wife needed a dependable, low mileage late year car due to the number of miles she drives for work. Hudson Brothers was recommended to us by our neighbor.

We found just what she wanted at Hudson Bros. There was absolutely no sales pressure and we feel we got the deal of a lifetime on the price.

I would absolutely tell anyone who will listen that if you want a used car that looks brand new, has low mileage and don't want to haggle on price to visit Darrell and Chuck. You will not be disappointed.


Ann and Streck(George) Clark

I would like to say buying a car from Hudson Brothers was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had buying a car. Chuck and Darrell were so nice and treated us like they had known us all their lives. It was the first time I ever bought a car and didn't have to sit around all day waiting to get our car. Chuck and Darrell are very honest and fair so if you won’t a good deal go to Hudson Brothers they will treat you like family Thanks for a great car.

Pattie Maner

Buying from Hudson Brothers was a great experience all around.
I needed a car after returning from Afghanistan and found several that fit what I was looking for. The first car I looked at was at Hudson Brothers. Darrell was friendly, offered to provide a CarFAX, and was great to work with. He was straight forward and honest with no pressure or hard sell. The car was nearly perfect for me and the price was right but I just didn’t want to jump on the first car I saw without looking a bit more so I left and went to another dealer to see a “Certified PreOwned”. This was a major dealership and a major disappointment. There were noticeable mechanical defects when I drove the car and then I was subject to a high pressure hard sell in spite of the fact that I told the salesman I just wanted his card and I had other cars to look at. I left and went back to Hudson Brothers and closed the deal. By the time I was finished I had met the whole family and felt almost like a good friend or neighbor.
I would absolutely buy from Hudson Brothers again and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jay Carlson

Recently we purchased a 2011 Dodge Nitro from the Hudson Brothers Dealership. Typically we buy our vehicles from individuals, but happen to stop by Hudson Brothers to see what they might have on their lot. When greeted by Darrell, we were very impressed not only by his friendliness, but his down to earth personality and no pressure sales approach.

Even though we arrived shortly before he closed for the day, Darrell took time to not only speak with us about what we were looking for, but even took the time to back the car we were interested in off the display rack for us to take a test drive.

When we returned the next day, we were very pleased with the hassle free manner in which the purchase of the car was handled.

We would highly recommend The Hudson Brothers to anyone in the market to purchase a vehicle.

David and Robin Cannon

Darrell thanks for all your help in realizing one of my dreams and putting me in a 2005 SSR. Red, of course. Hudson's Brothers' service is excellent with no high pressure sales. Next year when I am coming your way I will check your inventory. Or if I need a special car, I know who to call.


Mark, Lexington, KY

Darrell and Chuck,

just wanted to thank you both for finding an Avalanche LTZ for me and a Tahoe LTZ for my wife. Dianne and I have always trusted both of you in finding the right vehicles for us, anytime we wanted something new or different. This time was no exception, ya'll did it again. What sticks out in our minds is, we don't worry about the vehicle or the price, we've had no problem with either. Thank you, it's always a pleasure being served by Bob Hudson's sons whether buying a vehicle or eatin bar-b-que!


Hello Darrell,

I've been meaning to write you for several weeks now, so I'm sorry to just get back to you. I bought the Mazda mx5 from you back in February. I really love the car and I really appreciate how easy you made the process for me. Your easy going, low pressure sales style was refreshing, helpful and really made the process enjoyable. I still can't believe I didn't have to step foot inside the DMV, you handled it all!

Thanks so much.

Kevin Madden

Well, I promised myself I'd wait at least four weeks after buying my new Volvo from Darrell Hudson before I'd write a review. I was kinda in the market for a newer C70 and I happened across the exact car I thought I wanted so I emailed Darrell. He called me the next day and after a little negotiating we agreed on a price for my trade and a price on the new one. I thought the asking price on the new one was high but Darrell wouldn't budge on the price - he just kept sayin I'd love the car. Well it was what I wanted but I was a bit skeptical because of an earlier bad review so I had them meet me halfway at a Volvo dealer so I could have the new one checked out. The dealer took one look at the car, checked the VIN and winked at me. He said, "You're gettin a great car." Turns out the original buyer bought a bunch of free maintenance and it all transferred to me along with the original warranty. Wow - didn't know I was getting that! Well then I looked inside the car and noticed that it has Nav built in - didn't know I was getting that either. So after the dealer was done with the car, I completed the deal and traded cars with Darrell's driver. When I unlocked the door to get in, I noticed that the mirrors automatically deployed. Didn't know I was getting that either. Sat in the driver's seat and began setting the mirrors - noticed it's got back-up warning and blind-spot warning. Darrell didn't tell me it had those either. Drove away and noticed that it has the premium sound system - Darrell didn't tell me that. When it got dark I noticed that it has the headlights that follow the steering wheel when you turn. Darn - Darrell didn't tell me that either. A couple of days ago it started raining while I was driving to work -- you guessed it - it has rain sensing wipers. And Darrell didn't tell me about that either. In short, I now realize why Darrell didn't budge on the price. If I'd known about all the extras on this car, I probably would have concluded it was underpriced and wondered what the catch was. Seriously - I had probably the best buying experience I've ever had. No running back and forth to the manager, no bait and switch, no upselling, no false promises. Darrell was as honest as they come and I know that the next time I buy a car I'll be giving him a call.

Thanks Darrell - you're the best.

Mike from Westlake, Ohio

Good Afternoon Darrell!
I wanted to let you know that Adam is enjoying his Nissan Frontier that we purchased in July from Hudson Bros. You helped make our son a very proud 1st time car owner. We all remember how exciting it was when we got our first car! We had looked at several local car dealerships and Shawn said we needed to go and look at Hudson Bros. At the time, you did not have what we were looking for, however, you called Shawn the minute you thought you had found what Adam might just like. You hit the nail on the head :) From the time we said we were going to purchase, you helped make our buying experience great! You even came in over the July Holiday to get the paperwork completed. Thank you so much for all of your help! We could not have been more pleased with our experience! I will definitely recommend you to our friends and family!

Thank you,

Shawn, Kim, and Adam Wallace

Dear Darrell,
Just would like to tell you how my son and I are well pleased on the recent car we bought a few weeks ago. If we would have to buy another car in the future, you would be the first place we would look.

Thank you for being helpful, friendly and honest.

Roger and Steven Olmsted

I recently saw the town car on Hudson Brothers web site. I went to Hudson Brothers and talked to Darrell, drove the car and bought it. No hassle and the price was right. I am well pleased with the town car. If and when I buy another car, I will check out Hudson Brothers inventory first.

Charles Wallace, Gilbert, S.C.

I had been to other dealers trying to find a new car. One (Wray) only acknowledged my husband, despite repeated attempts to clarify that the car was for me and I was writing the check that day. I was not playing games of low ball-high ball. They were rude and condescending, to say the least. Suffice it to say, I was more than a little reticent to continue my quest for a new vehicle.

My husband went to Hudson Brothers and said just drive by to "see it." Of course, that evolved into stop and test drive. I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air Chuck was. He was courteous, respectful, and did NOT only speak to my husband as if I weren't in the room. I would expect in this day and age of women making their own way, more business people would be like the Hudson Brothers in their dealings with women. Equal means Equal.

Thank you!!!!!

Margaret Chernek

Dear Darrell and Chuck:

Cathy and I are delighted to provide a glowing testimonial regarding our experiences in purchasing (and selling) automobiles through Hudson Brothers. As you know, we have purchased 3 vehicles from you and sold four (the Lexus, the Mercedes, the Bentley and the Volvo). Each of the vehicles we have bought have exceeded all possible expectations. The Mercedes ML350 never required a single service (other than routine maintenance) in the 60,000 miles we drove it. The Jaguar XJ8 has yet to require any repairs- for the 25,000 miles I have put on it since you delivered it 3 years ago. Our recent Acura SUV is a delight.

Not only do you stand behind your cars, everyone at your shop is a delight to work with. The amazing attention to detail makes the car buying experience a breeze. Our last purchase last month was somewhat unexpected- we only came to look, but left with new wheels! You make the process so simple- all the paperwork done expertly without a hitch.

As a busy physician, I appreciate the personal attention I received. So many of my colleagues share similar stories in their automobile buying experience with the Hudson Brothers. I cannot say enough about the quality of the experience and look forward to many future transactions. I would be pleased to answer any calls from potential customers to share my observations. If Cathy and I can do anything to assist you, do not hesitate to call.


Stephen and Cathy Lloyd

I have a close friends who have been doing business with Hudson Brothers for years. They have always spoken very favorably of their business interactions with this company. I have lived in Columbia for over 35 years and have never heard anything unsavory about this company.

I recently explored the possibility of getting my dream car, a Ford Thunderbird convertible. I researched online and discovered that one was available locally at Hudson Brothers. The vehicle is flawless and the service I got from them was the best I've ever experienced. You're treated like an old friend, and offered a product that you know is of top quality and it's condition is as presented. I would not hesitate to do business with them again and would recommend them without hesitation.

Toni Hollingsworth, Columbia, SC

We enjoyed every minute of our experience of buying our car at Hudson Brothers. It was a very stress free process and it was nothing like the big dealerships. We found a great car at a great price with low mileage. The car is in immaculate condition and we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. The paperwork and everything took about ten minutes. Darrell and Chuck are quality guys and me and my wife will definitely consider them next time we purchase a car. We will be referring our friends and family members to check them out as well.

Brandon & Mary Kathryn Cone

Hudson' Brother's-A Great Place To Do Business!
I had decided it was time to trade cars and though I had not made up my mind on the perfect car I was looking for a 2013 Ford Focus ST to try out. I had been checking the local dealers but no one had what I was looking for. I thought I was going to have to go out of town when a last minute Google search showed that Hudson Brothers Motors of Lexington, SC had one on their lot. I did not have alot of time due to my work schedule so I just called them and arranged to take a test drive. I originally spoke with Darrell and he said come on by. I intended to go there, test drive the ST, have my car evaluated for trade-in and then go by another dealer to look at other cars on my list. Well. that didn't happen. It took about 10 minutes to get the keys and after a very exciting test drive I returned to talk about the money end of the deal. They asked what I needed to get for my car to make it happen. I told them and after a little negotiating, Chuck offered me within $200.00 of my price. I loved the car and it had every option that I would have included if I ordered a new one so I was sold. It was Saturday and they normally close at 2 PM and I had not even started the loan process so I figured I would have to finalize everything on another day since it was now 1:45 PM. I told them I had done some research and felt I could qualify for 1.99 % but had not contacted anyone. They said no worry and a few minutes later I was headed to meet a local banker who opened his branch and processed my loan (at 1.989%). Wow, you don't expect that kind of service in these times! I must say that Darrell and Chuck were both great to work with and I will certainly refer anyone looking for quality vehicles and who are looking for great service to their dealership.

Jac, West Columbia, SC

I recently purchased my second CMC Yukon XL from Darrell Hudson. Both vehicles were in top notch shape, very clean and performed excellently. His trade in values were fair and he followed up with me to make sure that all paperwork had been received and to make sure I was totally satisfied with the purchase.

I would highly recommend Hudson Brothers for a high quality used vehicle purchase.

Michael Lee, Lexington, SC


Hudson Brothers turned a terrible situation into a pleasant experience for Anne and me. They found the car for us which turned out to be better equiped than we expected and they did all this in less than a weeks time. They were very professional and yet did it in a very laid back way. There was no hype, no pressure, very upfront and no hidden cost or surprises.

Buying our car from the Hudson Brothers was a great experience.

Thank you again Darrell, Bob and Chuck.

Jim & Anne

Cudos to Hudson Brothers! Can’t remember a more pleasurable experience in buying a ‘like new’ car. (2011 Lincoln MKX with 1600 miles). Darrell’s honesty and integrity are a true testimonial to their lasting success. We’ll drive a long way to get a good buy (from NE Florida) and when you have a trade you take the added risk of not closing the deal, but everything was 100% as agreed before we arrived at Hudson Brothers. Would we do it again, most certainly! Would we recommend Hudson Brothers, without a doubt! We figured we saved at least $6,000 over the purchase of this same new car. Continued success, hope to see you again! The Browns


The Browns


Our recent purchase of my wife's dream car was made at your dealership. What a phenomenal experience! Bob and Brooke were a delight to deal with and made our trip from Midland, N.C. one we will never forget. It was the most enjoyable car buying experience we have ever had. Your Dad's willingness to share his faith was an unexpected blessing. Marsha and I had been praying for several weeks that the Lord would lead us to the right car. We had no idea it would happen the way it did. God not only answered that prayer, but also another one we had been praying about that week. It was a prayer of decision regarding being the leader of our Missions team for our Sunday school. Bob's words of encouragement that Saturday morning and his willingness to show God's love in his actions towards us, confirmed our decision to take the leadership role in our class. On Monday, when I talked to you and you explained that your dad had never sold a car, just blew me away, It was like the Lord was saying just so you know this was no coincidence. Awesome and amazing is our God! Thanks again for you and your family making your Christian beliefs a cornerstone of your business.

In Christ,

Tommy and Marsha Evans

I have known Darrell and Chuck for over 30 years, but had never done buisness with them. I had always heard of their outstanding reputation for quality and savings, but I guess that I was a slow learner. I FINALLY purchased a vehicle from these guys and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. They offered a price that was great and had all of the information that I could have asked for. Total professionalism and great pricing, you can't asked for more than that. Thanks Darrell and Chuck.

Boyd Bouknight, Lexington, SC

Just bought my first minivan from Darrell this morning. It's a beautiful Toyota Sienna! I love my new Van and it was great doing business with Darrell. He was very helpful and accommodating as my husband and I along with our 3 young children piled into his office. I would gladly buy another car from him and recommend anyone else do the same.

Tif McLaughlin, Charlotte, North Carolina

9 years ago I was looking for a Honda del Sol – two seats, top stows in trunk. Hudson Brothers had just what I was looking for.

220,000 sporty, trouble-free miles later, I decided it was time for a change.

Again, Hudson Brothers had just what I was looking for, a Honda Insight hybrid, still under warranty, at a great price.

I’m expecting the same fun and long life from the new Honda.

Honda and Hudson Brothers are a great combination.

I recommend both to my friends without hesitation.

John Saavedra, Irmo

My name is April and I recently bought a beautiful 2008 Jeep Commander. Let me say that I love my NEW Jeep and it's the first Jeep that I've ever owned. I love everything about it and I would recommend buying a vehicle from Hudson Brothers any day of the week. Everyone at Hudson Brothers was very personable and made my experience easy. Keep up the great customer service!


April Jackson


Our son told me that you had a 2010 Avalanche on your car lot. He knew I was in the market to replace my 2006 Avalanche, so he called me and suggested I drive in from Aiken, SC. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the purchase of the 2010 Avalanche an enjoyable experience. The drive from Aiken, well worthwhile. The whole transaction (all 45 minutes) went so smoothly, it was hard to believe it happened. The Avalanche we purchased is in excellent condition and if we would have purchased a new 2011, it would have been what we would have bought. Timing was perfect for this one. If one of our friends or family is looking to purchase another vehicle, we will certainly have them check with you first. Thanks again, for the terrific car buying experience, it was a pleasure.

Thank You

Joe Szabo, President J&B Enterprises of SC, Inc. Aiken, SC

The car buying experience was smooth and professional and I have no reservations about buying from you all in the future. The car was exactly as you described and I would recommend you all to any of my friends looking to purchase a quality vehicle.

Thanks again,

Brendan McCommas VA

It was great dealing with Darrell and Chuck. They have set a new standard for what it means to be customer service professionals. The car was exactly what we were looking for and the transaction could not have been easier. We will definitely be back when it's time to buy again. Many thanks!

Nadya and Kris, Lexington SC

Thank you, Darrell, for making this trade the easiest ever! We look forward to continuing to do business with you.

Toni and Charlie Greer,South Carolina

I happened to ride by Hudson Brothers and saw a car I had recently been researching. The price was excellent and I ended up buying the car (before someone else did). The experience was simple and friendly with absolutely no pressure. I will certainly recommend them to all of my friends and will go there for my next car.

Robin Haynes

I've purchased two cars from Hudson Brothers. Each time the service and attitude has been excellent. Darrell and Chuck are extremely easy to deal with and provide the best options for higher end vehicles. The prices are excellent - you won't find any better for the cars they stock. The process is quick and easy. If I need another vehicle, I know I'll be back. Thank you so much for providing an alternative car buying experience in Lexington!

Tracey Mitchell

I wanted a particular car, and one day I stopped by Hudson ’s to take a look around. While talking to Darrell I described my ideal car, and he told me he’d let me know when he found one. A short time later he found the exact model, year, and color that I wanted, all with extremely low mileage! This was, by far, the best car buying experience I’ve ever had.

Thanks again, Darrell!

C. J. Goff, Lexington, SC

Thank you so much for your service! This was the easiest car purchase ever. My wife is very particular about what she wants, and she found it at Hudson Brothers. Once her decision was made, the transaction was carefree and smooth. The only obligation on my part was to give you a check, which I might add was a few thousand less than we would have been willing to pay after our research, for the vehicle. You made this transaction effortless. For that I am very grateful. See you next year when I am ready to upgrade my vehicle…

Yours truly,

Ryan V.Hewett, Lexington, SC

Darrell I would like to thank you for a smooth and easy car buying experience. Hudson Brothers goes above and beyond and their vehicles are top notch. If and when I decide to buy another vehicle I will be calling you guys. Love the Cobra.

Thanks again,

Derek Underwood Columbus NC

Thumbs up To Darrell & Chuck Hudson for re-defining the word "Honesty". Never have I had two people go so far out of their way to describe a vehicle so clearly and precisely so when received, all was noted as described. I know I will enjoy the Bentley, I must say it IS a beautiful car. What a 'Black Beauty"! Thanks again to both of you for your great communication & prompt attention to my specific questions. Hudson Brothers is what makes the Internet a fun & pleasant way to buy a car!! All My Best to you both & keep up the great work. It IS appreciated!


Ron Powers, FT.Worth, Texas, where "Fix'in to go" & "ya'll" are just norma

Thank you so much for the most pleasant experience we had purchasing our vehicle from your family. The "family" atmosphere really set the tone. We appreciate your diligence and professionalism in dealing with our experience! Keep up the great work and may God continue to richly bless your endeavors. Again, thank you for a great experience!

Nicole Singletary

I would like to say that dealing with Hudson Bros., was a great trading and buying experience. I have never been treated better and they keep their word and fixed any problems with the car I bought. I also was treated great by the girl in the office. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking for a great used car to check out Hudson Bros. on 378 in Lexington.

Mr Paris

This was our second purchase of a car from Hudson Brothers. As always, Chuck is very cordial every time I have dropped by to drool over one of their beautiful cars and this time he had exactly what we were looking for. Pricing is always fair and the experience was simple and direct. I find myself riding by regularly just to see what they have on the lot. Their selection is always top notch and constantly changing. We’re enjoying the car we purchased, but will always be checking by for an “upgrade”.

Grant and Grace Hunter

Hi there Darrell

We got here and unloaded before a storm brewing up here. I want to again thank-you for your help in getting it and selling it to me you are a great person and a man of your word when you said the SSR is in showroom condition. I hope to be able to do buissness with you again and have told all of my friends about your great vehicles, I also sent you a few pics of when we unloaded and the snow that we have.

Thank- you again!


I just wanted to thank Darrell for being an outstanding salesman and the 2007 Saturn Sky Convertible is awesome. My husband looked at many dealerships and then he found out about Hudson Brothers and not only did he find my dream car, but Darrell made sure that my Christmas present was a surprise by holding the car and also lending my husband the BIG RED BOW for Christmas morning. Thank you Darrell and I will send everyone I know to your lot, I wish Hudson Brothers the best year to come.

Lisa and Tony Jackson

I love dealing with Chuck and Darrell Hudson! I have bought my last 6 cars from them. They are honest, reliable and I get the best quality cars at a very good price. I send all my friends to them who need cars. I recommend them without reservation! Thanks for everything!


Michael Harris MD

I wanted to thank you for helping us in our search for a new vehicle. As you know we needed something that would be comfortable in our 10 hour ride as we traveled home to Virginia to see family as well as something that would pull our camper. You were able to help us navigate through the specifications for towing and through the buying process. You made it all so easy.

Our boys are very excited about the new vehicle and they are helping there mom decide where we are going to pull the camper to for this summer’s vacation. Thanks again for all your help

Blessings to you and your people,

Clay and Danelle Summers Lexington, SC


We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated doing business with you. We just purchased a Honda Odyssey. We were having a hard time finding a vehicle that matched our needs in the price range we could afford. You met both of our needs and we enjoyed the experience. We rarely say that about car shopping. We have already recommended you to friends and we will definitely be back for future vehicles. Thanks again.

Cale and Jill Davis

Hi Darrell,
I wanted to thank you and Chuck for the way you treated us in our search for a new car. My daughter specifically wanted something that would be environmentally friendly, and we had been searching for a hybrid that would be a good fit for her.

We had purchased my BMW from you years back and remembered how good you guys worked with us, so we came back. We were not disappointed - can't believe you let us take the Lexus Hybrid home to let our daughter drive it and make sure she liked it (entire weekend, no less). That speaks well for the type of business people you are.

We will be back to see you when it's time to purchase another vehicle!

Thanks again.

Nancy Fuller

Alison and I just want to say thank you for all of your assistance with the purchase of our ’06 BMW X3. It was just what we were looking for! We were very impressed with your knowledge, honesty, and professionalism with the car-buying process and your very low-pressure technique made the process all the more enjoyable. We feel we purchased a like-new vehicle with very low mileage and we made the right decision to buy from your business. We will definitely recommend your business to others and also be repeat customers in the future. Thanks again!

Bob and Alison Bond

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated all the time you have taken with me on my car buying adventure. I started at your business and finally ended up buying at your business after running over half the State. This process took me over two years. When I would stop by and ask questions you always took your time with me. Your attitude and professionalism always kept me coming back. Finally when I got serious and decided to buy a car, you stood out from all the rest. And it has proved to be the right decision. Thank you for all your help and guidance and taking care of me like I was your only customer. And by way, we love our new car and that is what it is like "a brand new car." We will surely be repeat customers. Oh, one more thing, thank you for following up with the previous owner and the questions I had.



I searched the web frantically to find this vehicle prior to our vacation up north in less than a week's time. I probably looked at 5 GX's in the Southeast. I had a few conversations with Darrell on this car he had and felt a comfort level that he only acquired great cars with an excellent maintenance and owner's history. I needed to get a tow hitch put on this vehicle in short order and since they have an auto accessories business next door, I was able to pick up the vehicle within 48 hours. There is an integrity level at Hudson Bros. that can be hard to find in the car dealer industry. Instead of wasting hours searching the net for my next car, I will go to Darrell.

Jim Waud, Charlotte, NC

Dealing with Darrell at Hudson Brothers was one of the best experiences purchasing a vehicle. Not only do we LOVE our new Jeep but the entire process was easy and relaxing. Darrell even went beyond what any car dealer would ever do. We greatly appreciate that he treated us with respect and as friends more so than clients. We will definitely be purchasing from him/them again. Thank you so much.

Krey and Dawn Gordon

Dear Hudson Brothers Staff and Family,

recently purchased a 2007 Nissan 350Z Sports coupe from your dealership. I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the personal assistance you gave me in my purchase. I can say that I am greatly satisfied with my new car. I have been meaning to write this but me and Lil Bit stay in the road with my new ride.
I would like to personally thank Darrell the owner and long time friend. The whole dealership and Hudson family had an effort in helping me decide that this was a phenomenal purchase, and making me feel like part of the family. Darrell even let me keep it overnight so I could drive it and make my decision (of course I didn’t sleep worth a hoot worrying that someone would park next to me). Surely, I will tell my family and friends about the great service I received.


Darlene Staggs

We have purchased our last 5 vehicles from Hudson Bros. and only plan on future purchases from Darrell and Chuck Hudson. The honesty, professionalism and service we have received has been superior and my family trusts and values the opinions of Hudson Bros. Never did we imagine the experience of purchasing vehicles would actually be a joyous experience!

Brian and Heather Hardy

The process of buying a car is not a favorite pastime of mine so when I began looking for a vehicle I was very leery. My experience in working with Chuck and Darrell has been the best car buying experience that I have had. They have both been very easy to work with and have stood behind their word. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a vehicle to call Hudson Brothers and let them find you a quality vehicle.

Jim Burton

Amy and I would like to thank you for all your help with the purchase of our 1997 F150. It is everything that you described it to be and more. Thanks for making this a pleasant vehicle buying experience. We will be back for all our future car buying needs.


Charles and Amy Johnson

My name is Damon Walker and I run an Industrial Construction Company. I have been buying vehicles from Hudson Brothers for about 8 years now. I have probably purchased somewhere around 15 to 20 units from Chuck and Darrell. All of the vehicles have exceeded my expectations in regards to quality and dependability. Because Chuck and Darrell personally purchase each unit there is no junk ever sold at their lot. It is literally like buying new for half the price. My average savings is somewhere around $8,000.00 per vehicle. Why anyone would want to spend that much money for the exact same car or truck new makes no sense to me. Like new and no disappointments, what else could you ask for?

Damon Walker

I have been purchasing automobiles, and trucks, from Darrell and Chuck Hudson for 30-years. I have referred a number of my client's to the Hudson's as well as family members. I am not exaggerating when I say that we have purchased far in excess of 60 cars over the years from them. It is rare that I ever suggest that a client or family member do business with anyone, especially when an automobile is involved. Having said that, to do business with Darrell and Chuck is a refreshing experience. They are honest, trustworthy, caring and fair. It has been 30-years since I have had to haggle over the price of a car. Do yourself a favor, let them know what you are looking for. They will find the car of your dreams and at a price that you will not be able to beat.

W. Scott Brawley, CLU, President Brawley and Associates, Inc.

First, I decided to visit Hudson Brothers due to another testimony I read, excellent review. I appreciated all the hospitality that the Hudson Brothers showed, while I was there at their car lot. I came far from out of town, the quality of service from the airport till I left with my vehicle was great!! I know in the future, when I decide to purchase another vehicle, Hudson Brothers will be the top of the list! Thanks for a wonderful vehicle and quality service!!